Title I Tickets

Do you work at a public or charter Title I school in New Mexico? If so, your students may be eligible for free tickets to an in-person performance.

Title I tickets are limited to 40 per teacher from a Title I school for a single in-person performance. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis to teachers who receive our Title I alert. Teachers at Title I schools may also purchase additional tickets or tickets to other in-person performances for $4.00 each when tickets go on sale.

Ask your principal if you have any questions about your Title I status.

Homeschools and private schools are not eligible to receive Title I tickets, as this opportunity is only open to public and charter schools that receive Title I funding.

If your group is not from a Title I school and you claim Title I tickets, your order will be cancelled and refunded. You will need to resubmit a paid order online, subject to availability.


Sign Up for Our Title I Email List

Sign up to be notified when Title I tickets become available. As private and homeschool groups are not eligible for these tickets, sign-ups representing these schools will be removed.
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You may forward your email to other Title I teachers you work with.

Sign-ups received after Title I tickets go on sale in summer 2024 will be added to the 2025-2026 list.

Seat Assignments

UNM Ticketing Services will assign seats in a randomly generated order 10-14 days before the performance. Your seat numbers will appear on your printed tickets.


How to Order Tickets

Count the number of adult and children tickets you need for a performance. Title I tickets are claimed quickly, so you want to have this information ready before tickets become available.


Follow the instructions in the email you receive. You will need to enter the promo code in the email you receive at the link provided in the email and below.

  • Visit schooltimeseries.com/title.
  • Enter the promo code contained in the email.
  • Request tickets for the correct number of adult and student attendees. A maximum of 40 tickets to a single performance may be ordered while supplies last. No payment is necessary.
  • Add these addresses to your email’s Safe Senders list: schooltime@popejoypresents.com and unmtix@unm.edu. You will receive a confirmation email with the number of paid attendees in your group after we process your order.
  • We will mail your tickets via USPS to the address on your order 5-7 days prior to the performance. Please make sure that you can receive mail at the address provided.
  • Keep all of your tickets together when you receive them. This will help expedite the ticket scanning process when you arrive at Popejoy Hall. We recommend distributing the tickets to students after the performance.
  • Call 505-277-6746 for Schooltime Series-specific ticketing questions.