Title I Tickets

Is your school Title I? If so, you may be eligible for free tickets to an in-person performance.


Title I tickets are limited to 40 per teacher for a single in-person performance and available on a first come, first served basis. Teachers at Title I schools may also purchase additional tickets or tickets to other in-person performances beginning August 18, 2022 at 9am for $3.00 each.


How to Obtain Tickets

  • Limited quantities of Title I tickets remain available for in-person performances. Please call UNM Ticketing Services at 505-277-6746 to request tickets, while supplies last.
  • Count the number of attendees, including teachers and chaperones before you place your order. A maximum of 40 tickets to a single performance may be ordered while supplies last. 
  • Select the show you wish to attend and the number of tickets needed.
  • Enter the name of your school and grade level you teach at the bottom of the form. When all information has been entered, click “continue.” No payment is necessary.
  • Add these addresses to your email’s Safe Senders list: schooltime@popejoypresents.com  and unmtix@unm.edu. You will receive a confirmation email with the number of attendees in your group after we process your order.

You will then receive a print-at-home ticket with a scannable bar code when tickets are issued. This paper ticket with a barcode will allow the number of paid attendees listed in your confirmation email to enter the theater together. Only one paper ticket per group is required.

Call 505-277-6746 for Schooltime Series-specific ticketing questions.