Audrey's Tips for Seeing Schooltime Series Shows



We ask that etiquette guidelines be followed by both children and adults.

Please share and discuss these guidelines with your students before the performance.

  • Stay with a chaperone at all times.
  • Remove hats or caps when inside.
  • Put away your mobile phones or other electronic devices. Photography, video recording, audio recording, phones, and gaming devices are prohibited during the performances.
  • Allow everyone to enjoy the performance by remaining quiet, except when a response is requested by performers. Some shows are interactive, while others are not.
  • Stay seated and do not kick or hit the seat in front of you.
  • Request to leave the hall with an adult chaperone if you need to use the restroom or cool down. If you are being disruptive, an adult chaperone may escort you out of the theater.  You may enjoy the show in the lobby or lower lounge via our large screen monitors until you are ready to return with your chaperone.
  • Clap after the end of a song during a musical or other music performance. During a ballet or dance performance, clap at the end of the number.
  • Remain in your seats at the end of the show, after the applause, until our House Manager dismisses you.
  • Stay seated to stay for the Question & Answer session. Once the theater clears, then move down towards the stage.

Popejoy is a class act and Schooltime Series is one example of their excellence.