Accessibility/Accommodation Services

We make every effort possible to provide the best experience for all of our patrons.


How to Request ADA Accommodations

Clearly indicate that your class requires ADA/Accessible accommodations when placing your order. To request a signed performance, please place your order a minimum of two weeks prior to the performance.


Patrons requiring special seating accommodations will be seated on the orchestra level. Popejoy Hall features aisle transfer seats for those able to move from their assistive device and individuals with other mobility issues. At least one chaperone and a friend or two will be seated with the patron requiring assistance. We cannot guarantee that they will be seated with their entire class.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Sign language interpretation can only be arranged for requests made two weeks or more in advance of a performance. Students, chaperones, and sign language interpreters will be seated in the orchestra right section in preapproved seating with special lighting and seats for the interpreters.

Sensory-Friendly Performances

Sensory-friendly performances cannot be requested at this time, however, they are offered occasionally. 

For questions regarding special needs seating at the Schooltime Series, call us at (505) 277-4569.