Learn about Popejoy's exciting history.

Popejoy@50, a documentary about the difficulties in getting the hall funded, sited, and constructed, and the man who was determined to make it happen. Popejoy@50 is a stunningly beautiful film which features Tom Popejoy Jr. talking about his father and his passion for building a concert hall on the UNM campus, and introduces Hal Holbrook talking about Popejoy Hall and how it was in the 60's when he performed at Popejoy Hall. This film continues the UNM series of documentaries about UNM's rich and colorful history.

Produced and directed by Arcie Chapa of the Center for Regional Studies, this the third of her documentaries about major anniversaries on the UNM campus. Her first two were UNM@125 and Zimmerman@75. All three films were funded and produced by the Center for Regional Studies for their respective celebrations.