Education & Outreach

The mission of Popejoy's Education and Outreach Program is to provide access to the performing arts for all New Mexicans.

Through education and outreach, we strive to enrich, educate, and entertain the community through the presentation of the performing arts.

Education and Outreach Program Goals

Our program is designed to share the arts with the local community through three distinct goals:

  • Develop and manage one of the nation’s largest theater arts education programs designed for school-aged children;
  • Bring low-income seniors to Popejoy Hall to enjoy performances with others, and contribute to their quality of life and community;
  • Offer opportunities for local groups that serve at-risk and under-served communities to bring their constituents to our performances for educational and social benefits.

Our continued focus is to research, assess, and improve the levels of outreach and service within these three goals. By evaluating how they match the needs of students, parents, and educators, we ensure that each goal serves our mission.

Our goals rely on your generous support. Thank you for your commitment to our community and education through the arts.