Promotional Tickets

Your organization may qualify for promotional tickets from Popejoy Presents.

To qualify, your organization must be a 501(c)3 in order to receive promotional tickets.

In order to request tickets, please submit a letter for consideration. We will receive your request and respond to you within five business days of your request.

Letter Guidelines

  • Must be on your organization's letterhead
  • Must have the date of your event
  • Must state how your organization is a non-profit
  • Must include a contact name and telephone number
  • Must explain the promotional benefit for Popejoy Hall

E-mail Your Letter To Popejoy Hall

Please e-mail your request to

Please note: We are unable to fill requests for specific show tickets, and we may not have any promotional tickets available to give your organization at the time of your request.

Please request tickets more than two weeks in advance of your event.