Mobile Tickets

Welcome to the Future of Ticketing!

Use convenient and contactless mobile tickets to enter Popejoy Hall. Save time and never lose your ticket again by downloading your mobile tickets to your smartphone.

Mobile Ticket Advantages

  • Automatically update your tickets with new dates if performances are rescheduled.
  • Easily transfer your tickets to other parties.
  • Exchange your tickets online instead of visiting our box office.
  • Safely store your tickets in your smartphone so they’re never left at home or lost again.


How Do I Use Mobile Tickets?

  • Download your tickets to your smartphone and make sure your phone has a sufficiently charged battery before you leave for the theater.
  • Transfer tickets to any members of your party who are planning to arrive separately or who request their own ticket.
  • Turn up the brightness on your phone and scan your mobile tickets using a contactless scanner located at the theater’s entrance.


Mobile Ticket Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need to Use Mobile Tickets?

Mobile tickets need to be downloaded to a smartphone. If you have an iPhone, use the Apple Wallet app that comes pre-installed and works on devices running iOS6 or later. If you have a smartphone with an Android operating system, download and use the Google Pay app. The app is available in the Google Play Store as a free download.

How Do I Download My Mobile Tickets to My Phone?

Login to your Popejoy Presents account, select “My Tickets,” choose the event, and download your ticket to your smartphone’s Apple Wallet or Google Pay app. We recommend downloading your tickets prior to arrival in the event of connectivity issues.

Can I Print My Tickets and Bring Them to Popejoy?

No, your mobile tickets will only work electronically. Printed copies will not be accepted.


If your smartphone is not working or with you at the venue, login to your account using the smartphone of a member of your party to redownload your tickets or visit the ticket office.

Where Do I Go With My Mobile Tickets When I Arrive at Popejoy?

Take your smartphone to one of our scanning stations at the theater doors. There’s no need to stop at the ticket office.

How Do I Use My Mobile Tickets to Enter?

Open the app where you downloaded and saved your mobile tickets on your smartphone. Tap on the ticket so that it displays on your smartphone’s screen. Then, hold your smartphone up to the scanner so that the barcode is visible for scanning.

Can I Scan All My Tickets Using the Same Smartphone?

Yes, you can download and scan as many mobile tickets as you purchased. Swipe through your downloads to scan all your mobile tickets when your entire party is present or transfer tickets to members of your party who are arriving separately.

How Do I Transfer My Tickets?

Login to your Popejoy Presents account, scroll down, and select the “Transfer” button. Then, choose which event and tickets you want to transfer and enter the mobile phone number or email address of the person you’d like to transfer your tickets to. Tap “Confirm” and your tickets will be transferred immediately.

To complete the transfer, the recipient will need a Popejoy Presents account.

How Do I Opt-in to Mobile Tickets?

If you’re purchasing new tickets, there’s no need to do anything. All new ticket purchases are automatically set up for delivery as mobile tickets. If you’ve already purchased tickets and would like to go mobile, you can request your tickets be converted by emailing