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Schooltime Series

Proudly sponsored by Rich and Michelle Dowdican

Professional performing artists create educational experiences to encourage and support literacy, creativity, communication, and imagination across the academic curriculum.


Students from 1st-12th grades join us for exciting learning experiences in language arts, fine arts, social studies, science, and literature. Performance disciplines include theater, music, dance, and more.


Each season’s shows augment the curriculum and Master Plans established by Albuquerque and Rio Rancho Public Schools to provide new, innovative ways of bringing subject material to life for New Mexico’s youth. 


We welcome public schools, private schools, Pueblo schools, and homeschools, including special needs students and classrooms. In fact, the only rule for attendance is that a child must accompany an adult.


Thanks in part to the support of our generous sponsors, tickets are priced at only $4.00 each to help fill some of the void left by budget cuts to arts programming in our schools. We also provide up to 300 free tickets to each show to New Mexico Title I schools.