Your Visit FAQ

Answers to Popejoy Hall’s most frequently asked questions.

Where Do I Park?

Parking is available in the UNM Cornell Parking Structure for $8. There is also free parking with a shuttle from the UNM Special Event Lot. For more information, visit our transportation and parking page.

Where Can I Find Information About Parking For People With Disabilities?

Free parking is available in the UNM Parking Structure for those with a handicapped sticker.

What Kinds Of Accessible Seating And Services Are Available?

A full list of accessible services for the venue may be found on the Accessibility page.

Can I Rent Assisted Listening Devices?

Yes, two types of assisted listening devices are available, one of which is compatible for those who wear T-coil Hearing Aids. These assisted listening devices are available for check out at the information kiosk in the main lobby with the exchange of a valid photo ID.

Do You Have Booster Seats Available?

Yes, booster seats are available for check out at the information kiosk in main lobby with the exchange of a valid photo ID.

What Is Limited View Seating?

Limited view seating at Popejoy Hall means that you may not have a full view of the stage. Typically, these seats are located in the pit section (rows PA-PD).

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How Do I Buy Tickets?

Tickets may be purchased by calling (505) 277-4569. Tickets are sold at the UNM Ticket Office at the UNM Bookstore, located at Central and Cornell. The UNM Ticket Office is open Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Tickets may also be purchased online at

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When Will Tickets Go On Sale To The General Public For A Specific Show?

Most shows tend to go on sale 2-3 months prior to the performance date, although it may vary.

What Are The Fees Associated With Purchasing A Season Subscription?

Fees associated with purchasing a season subscription depend on your preferred seating level, your choices of Broadway shows, your choices of Ovation Series shows, and donation options.

For more information about our packages, please visit our Season Tickets page.

Are There Discounts Available For Groups?

Special group rates are available on select performances, price levels, and engagements and generally start at 10% off per ticket.

To reserve seats for your group, please contact our Group Sales Manager at 505-277-1569 or email, or visit our Group Sales page for more information.

How Do I Purchase A Gift Certificate?

Gift certificates are available in any denomination in person at UNM Ticket Offices. Online, gift certificates are available in denominations between $10 and $100.

You may also purchase gift certificates online.

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What Is Your Exchange Policy?

UNM Ticketing will exchange tickets for most shows purchased through UNM Ticketing facilities. Broadway show exchanges must be for the same show and must be completed at least 24 hours prior to the earlier performance involved in the exchange. Additional fees may apply.

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What Do I Do If My Tickets Are Lost Or Stolen?

In most cases, we can replace lost or stolen tickets. We issue duplicate tickets and invalidate any previously issued to you. Please pick up replacement tickets at the UNM Bookstore Ticket Office or at the Event Ticket Office (Will Call). You will be asked to provide a valid photo ID when you claim your new tickets.

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Is There A Dress Code?

We have no official "dress code." Our patrons usually dress somewhere between business casual and formal business attire. However, we'd rather have patrons come in jeans and sweatshirts than let concerns about their attire prevent them from coming.

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Are Children Allowed?

Yes, but we require you to purchase a ticket for every member of your party, regardless of age; we do not issue lap passes for our events. In consideration of others, please be sure the event is suitable for and of interest to your child. Strollers are not allowed in the theater. Fire code prohibits standing in the aisles or entryways.

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What If There Is Inclement Weather?

If you are unsure about the status of a show during inclement weather, check our website, watch the news, or listen to the radio for updates on the status of the performance. Just because UNM is closed due to weather does not mean that your performance has been canceled, so be sure to listen for information on the performance.

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How Early Should I Arrive For The Performance?

We recommend that you arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the performance to allow enough time to park and arrive at Popejoy Hall.

When Do Theater Doors Open?

Theater doors generally open for seating 30 minutes before the performance begins.

What If I'm Late To The Performance?

Each show has its own seating policy and we abide by it. If you arrive late you might be held out of the hall until intermission, or if allowed in, you might be seated at the back of the hall. If you have questions about the late seating policy, ask an usher or house manager.

If you have tickets at will call, and the ticket office is closed when you arrive, locate a house manager to help you retrieve your tickets.

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Can I Take Food And/or Drink Into The Theater?

We do not allow food, chewing gum or drink in Popejoy Hall, however, bottles of water, either brought from home or purchased in our lobby, are permitted in the theater during Popejoy Presents performances.

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Do You Sell Refreshments?

Yes, refreshments are sold for cash only in the main lobby before the show and during intermission.

What Can I Bring?

You may bring a coat and other personal items such as handbags or umbrellas. Please note that food and beverages are not permitted in the auditorium.

What Items Are Prohibited?

The following items are prohibited from entering the theatre.

  • Weapons of any shape or size including (but not limited to) firearms, knives of any kind, throwing stars, machetes, tasers, and mace.
  • Cameras and recording devices (other than phones).
  • Animals (except trained service animals).
  • Outside food or beverages other than water.
  • Items that may be deemed disruptive to the performance.
  • Items deemed dangerous, hazardous, illegal, or inappropriate.
  • Oversized bags such as luggage.

Popejoy Hall reserves the right to prohibit any item, including items not listed above, from entering the premises in response to any show request or requirement.


For more information, visit our security page (link) or review the UNM weapons policy

What If I Lose Or Find Something?

If you find something at a show, turn it in to a house manager. If you notice you have lost something during the show, contact the house manager. If you notice you have lost something after the show, contact the main office. Lost items must be claimed within 90 days.

May I Use My Cell Phone Or Beeper?

Patrons with cellular telephones, alarm watches and/or electronic paging systems must turn them off prior to entering the auditorium.

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May I Take Photos Or Record Anything?

We do not allow any cameras or recording devices in the hall during the performance. Recording any performance without the express permission of the performers, the production company and/or the management of Popejoy Hall is a violation of the law.

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Can I Buy Souvenirs?

Yes, Popejoy Presents souvenirs are available at the merchandise booth. Some of our performances bring in show souvenirs available for purchase on the day of the show.

Where Are The Restrooms?

You can access restrooms in both our upper or lower lobby from the main staircase.

Where Is The Nearest ATM?

Most of the major banks have ATMs available in the lower level of the UNM Student Union Building. There is also a universal ATM available in the lobby of the UNM Bookstore.

What If There Is An Emergency?

In case of a medical emergency, notify the nearest usher. Our house managers are CPR and AED certified. In case of an emergency evacuation, please follow instructions provided by ushers. For any other emergency, contact the nearest usher.

What If I Need More Assistance?

There is always a house manager on duty during the shows. To contact the house manager on duty, ask any of the ushers for assistance.

Can I Show My Mobile Barcode Instead Of Printing An Internet Ticket Order?

Absolutely! If you select mobile tickets, there is no printing needed.  If you would like print tickets, they are also sold at the UNM Bookstore Ticket Office or the UNM Ticket Office at Dreamstyle Arena. 

How To Buy Tickets

What If I Didn’t Receive My Confirmation Page For An Internet Ticket Order?

If you purchased tickets online and did not receive your confirmation page, please contact the UNM Ticket Office by calling (505) 277-4569 from 9am-5pm on Mondays through Fridays. We will be happy to assist you.

What If I Can’t Print The Confirmation Page For An Internet Ticket Order?

We require a printed confirmation page for tickets that are purchased online. We are unable to process your order or give you tickets without the printed confirmation page. If you cannot print the confirmation page, please write down the booking confirmation and bring it with a picture ID to Will Call, and we will reprint your tickets.

Do You Offer Special Promotions Or Contests?

We occasionally offer special promotions and contests through our monthly newsletter and our Facebook page. Subscribe to our newsletter by filling out the updates box located at the top of this website.

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Where Can I Find Information About Volunteering At Popejoy?

For more information regarding our volunteer program, please visit our volunteer information page to learn more about becoming part of a dedicated team of volunteers who help us ensure that patrons have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Where Can I Find Information About Employment At Popejoy?

Employment and internship opportunities at Popejoy are listed at Prospective applicants can search for opportunities under the UNM Public Events department.

What If I Have More Questions?

Email us at or call us at 505-277-9771.