University Founded – Community Funded

After more than 50 seasons, Popejoy Hall is a vital part of New Mexico's cultural landscape and the flagship performing arts center in New Mexico.

Today, Popejoy Hall inspires, entertains, and educates over 250,000 patrons each year. We couldn't do it without you!

Your contribution is a philanthropic investment in Popejoy Hall and an investment in our community. Contributions from donors play a vital role in our sustainability.

Small or Large, Your Gift Makes a Difference

If you would like more information about how you can support Popejoy Hall, please contact:

Maryellen Missik-Tow
Development Director


Why should you contribute?

  • To play a leadership role in a community where the performing arts, education and commerce thrive
  • To preserve and maintain the importance and beauty of the theatre
  • To help keep world-class performances in New Mexico
  • To support educational programs which have served over 1 million students since 1996
  • To foster a love and appreciation for the performing arts in audiences today and tomorrow

How patrons like you can help

Popejoy Hall invites you to join us to support our fundraising efforts. Please donate online through the links below.