We are committed to providing a safe experience for our patrons and artists. To help us do this, patrons are asked to bring minimal personal belongings to the theatre and allow extra time for security screening. A walk-through security screening similar to the weapons detectors used at schools and hospitals will be in place at all Popejoy Presents and Schooltime Series performances. The screening can also accommodate patrons using walkers and wheelchairs.


The detectors used for security screening do not emit electric or magnetic field strengths or produce voltages that can damage medical devices including cardiac pacemakers, ICDs, implantable infusion pumps, and neurostimulators. For a full list of medical implants the security detectors are compliant with, email


All bags are subject to security checks prior to performances.


Prohibited Items

Security will be conducting bag checks for the following prohibited items at select performances:


  • Weapons of any shape or size including (but not limited to) firearms, knives of any kind, throwing stars, machetes, tasers, and mace.
  • Cameras and recording devices (other than phones).
  • Animals (except trained service animals).
  • Outside food or beverages other than water.
  • Items that may be deemed disruptive to the performance.
  • Items deemed dangerous, hazardous, illegal, or inappropriate.

Popejoy Hall reserves the right to prohibit any item, including items not listed above, from entering the premises in response to any show request or requirement.


If you arrive with a prohibited item, we will ask you to secure it elsewhere before entering the venue. There is no storage area and confiscated items will not be returned. Patrons who refuse to walk through the security screening will be subject to a bag check and handheld security wand before entry. Patrons who refuse any screening will be denied entry and no refund will be provided.


What size bag can I bring?

Oversized bags such as backpacks or luggage are prohibited from entering the theatre. Small purses and bags that can fit under the seat or comfortably in someone’s lap are fine. 


Can I bring a weapon to the theatre?

No firearms or other weapons are allowed at Popejoy Hall or on the University of New Mexico campus. View the UNM Campus Policy. (link:


If You See Something, Say Something

If you observe suspicious and/or dangerous behavior taking place prior to or during your performance, please report what you saw to a Popejoy Hall usher or staff member.