Popejoy Hall Staff

Popejoy Hall Administrative Staff

  • Fabianna Borghese
    Director of Popejoy Hall
  • Brittney Baker
    Technical Specialist, Lighting
  • Alisa Carlson
    Business Manager
  • Terry Davis
    Marketing and PR Consultant
  • Jason Driscoll
  • Mark Ferris
    Production Services Technical Director
  • Carissa Gariss
    Associate Director, Ticketing
  • Thea Haver
    Marketing Representative
  • Jessica Hicks
    Senior Graphic Designer
  • Cassy Howe
    Ticket Office Representative
  • Rachel Lamb
    Patron Services Manager
  • Daniel Linver
    Marketing and Programming Specialist
  • Brandon McDaniel
    Production Services Manager
  • Matthew Miller
    Marketing Representative
  • Maryellen Missik-Tow
    Director of Development
  • Chris Molony
    Administrative Assistant
  • Patricia O’Connor-Navrot
    Assoc. Director, Marketing and Programming
  • Christopher Pacheco
    Technical Specialist, A/V
  • Evelyn Romo
    Video Content Coordinator
  • Alex Sanchez
    Customer Service Supervisor
  • Curi Teran
    Patron Services Coordinator
  • Victoria Trujillo
    Development Assistant
  • Chris Velasquez
    Lead Custodian
  • Dayna Vocasek
    Public Relations Specialist
  • Lawrence Zalewski
    Box Office Manager

House Managers

  • Brian Colburn 
  • Gina Gonzales 
  • Allison Kelsey
  • Hannah Peceny 
  • Catie Reardon 
  • Jessica Rivera 
  • Jesse Vigil 
  • Herb Wright 

Lounge Managers

  • Eric Bechtold 
  • Kathy Davis 
  • Mike Gaba